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Natasha Sweet’s Big-Tit Orgy

Natasha Sweet’s Big-Tit Orgy

Natasha Sweet's Big-Tit Orgy

Natasha Enjoyable is likewise much female for just one guy. That babe has the power. Natasha has dong mouthing lips and bedroom eyes. Her sex drive is as large as her naturally super-whoppers. The gracious brunette bra-buster ups the ante by inviting two guys to give her the schlong sexing this babe wants.

Michael and George have more than their hands full gratifying Natasha’s lusty taste for unyielding screwing. They tag-team Natasha, one woman chaser taking her twat, the other her love muffins and throat, then they swap sides.

“I actually have to feel that a lad urges me a lot, and I felt that when I was in couch with Michael and George. When I saw some photos and episode later, I was glad I made them wish me so much. They came so much on my whoppers.”

Sex on the 1st date is valuable with Natasha. “I love to watch how precious the guy is. Why await to find out if the expecting is worth it? It makes me feel very hot when a petticoat chaser looks at me and urges sex.”

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Velvet and the guy-next-door

Velvet and the guy-next-door

Velvet and the guy-next-door

In her third scene at, 55-year-old divorcee and Mom Velvet sucks and shags her neighbor. It is a revenge shag for Velvet, but if u ask us, Velvet was just looking for an excuse to bonk. Not that that babe needs one. That babe calls herself “Canada’s Hottest SEXY HOUSEWIFE.” Is there any competition? If so, we’d like to watch that lady.

50Plus MILFs: You said us that u were a late bloomer. U weren’t the hawt girl in school, were u?
Velvet: Definitely not. I don’t know how many males I propositioned, “Have sex with me.” They all said, “We like u as a ally.” You know, I was the jocks’ ally who hung out mainly with the boyz. The angels didn’t adore me. The bucks did not wanna have sex with me. I was just a buddy. They’re kicking themselves now!
50Plus MILFs: I bet. I guess u were the final angel anyone would have expected to do this.
Velvet: Definitely. When I go on Facebook, I see what all the high school cheerleaders look adore now, and I am like, “Yeah! You do not look adore this!” And I know for a fact that they’re not doing this!
50Plus MILFs: Do u ever run into people from college who say, “Wow, what happened?”
Velvet: I’ve run into a hardly any boys who’ve told, “If solely I had hung around,” and I’ll say, “Yeah, but that chance is gone.”
50Plus MILFs: But it didn’t take u very lengthy to blossom. U used to be a adult model, right?
Velvet: I was. I modeled in Europe when I was in my mid-20s. I worked for a pair of high-end underware companies. Clothes lines. I did lots of hand glamour modeling. Legs, feet. And then I moved into the fashion industry and was managing stores.
50Plus MILFs: What’s the most-fun job you’ve ever had?
Velvet: Doing exactly what I am doing now!
50Plus MILFs: You are a swinger. Do u like to be watched whilst having sex?
Velvet: I do quite relish being viewed as it’s part of the lifestyle, and I’m a voyeur, so I love watching, also. And now I’m gonna need to do smth I not at any time thought I’d must do: I’m plan to be talented to view myself having sex!

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Milly Marks: Real Estate Agent With A Rack

Milly Marks: Real Estate Agent With A Rack

Milly Marks: Real Estate Agent With A Rack

The #1 real estate agent with a rack is Milly Marks. No question. Pleasing young Milly’s sales techniques, not to mention her sweater-busting skills, always seal the deal. We note one time again how enormous and beautifully shaped–with large teats and wide areolae–her ripe love melons are. Gals can’t buy what Milly has no matter how much cash they have.

Milly brandishes a potential buyer around a swanky abode she’s trying to sell. That babe picks up that the stud is more interested in examining her large balcony than the property. That babe is right. The fellow is a deadbeat who heard about Milly from a ally and connived to meet her in the flesh. He comes clean and admits it.

Milly doesn’t lose her cool. That babe gives him some credit for sheer nerve. Since this lady-killer is Mr. No Sale, Milly comes to a conclusion to use his jock for a sex break. That babe can not unload the house on this smooth operator but this chab can suck her wobblers to her liking, fuck her priceless and rigid, and then bust a nut all over her. The afternoon is not a total loss for her after all.

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She’s done it all. Now she does anal.

She’s done it all. Now that babe does anal.

She's done it all. Now this babe does anal.

A dunky in number things u might love to know about Angelique Foxx in advance of u view her bonk. Oh, u can’t expect, you say? Then come back afterwards and learn smth about her. It might make your next jack more fulfilling.

First, this babe was born in Kansas and lives in Vancouver, Washington.

That babe has golden-haired hair (u knew that) and green eyes (did u know that?). That babe enjoys reading, hiking, backpacking, camping and gourmet cooking.

What’s sexy to her? “So many things,” Angelique told. “The feel of warm hands on my body, stripping so close to every other, forgetting we’re not alone, the faint traces of a man’s cologne on a pillow or a shirt.”

The funniest pickup line a stud has ever laid on her: “Oh, lord, I have heard it all, from, ‘What’s your sign?’ to ‘Is this seat taken?’ but the one that amuses me the most is, ‘Heaven receive to be missing an gal ‘cuz there’s one standing right here in front of me.'”

Crappy line.

“But it worked.”

Ok, great line.

She is into vintage lingerie and clothing, stiletto heels, boots and furs.

Her raunchy fantasy: “A white, sandy beach, a kewl ocean breeze, the sun setting during the time that rogering on one of those hawt beach beds.”

And her kinkiest raunchy encounter: “Having sex in a peep-show booth. One of my girlfriends was working, so my Lothario and I decided to visit her. We ordered a bigger than average toy unveil, the curtain came up and that babe started rogering herself with a mountainous toy. We got so turned on, my chap lifted up my petticoat and fucked me against the glass while I viewed.”

Okay. Now observe her shag.

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Amie Taylor: The Sexy Girl-Next-Door

Amie Taylor: The Sexy Girl-Next-Door

Amie Taylor: The Sexy Girl-Next-Door

Amie Taylor is that hawt and voluptuous girl-next-door. If u live in Romania, that’s. When Amie walks, haunches swiveling, pedestrian and auto traffic prevent cold. It’s not her fault. She is just brawny that way. A shortie (5’2″), Amie boasts spectacular 36G-cup boobs and butt-cheeks that would have inspired Peter Paul Rubens.

“When I leave the house, I love to wear dresses and tops that fit well around my fun bags,” Amie told. “I wear a brassiere almost any of the time when I go out. I don’t wear a brassiere when I am home.

“I don’t actually have any fantasies. I’m more a normal type of angel. Just regular, run of the mill sex is gratifying to me. I’ve no fetishes but I am curious about BDSM. I’ve no interest in sex in public.”

We knew about Amie a year ago but it took time to lastly connect and arrange to photograph her. That babe is definitely a beauty worth expecting for.

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A Big Cream Pie For Busty Patty

A Larger than standard Creampie For Big busted Patty

A Larger than standard Creampie For Busty Patty

Hot girl Patty Michova and George are sharing a table by the window and having some orange juice but Patty doesn’t desire to finish her gulp. That babe stands up and seductively moves closer to George. Patty needs some Patty-time from him. George unwraps Patty love a candy bar and sucks her nipples. Then that smooth operator places her on the table for the sexy beef injection.

This chab licks Patty’s taco, which drives her mad. George wedges his weenie between her cookie lips to drill her for the first time. Then that man licks her cookie again in advance of thrusting into her again and screwing her.

Patty gets off the table and kneels to suck his cock. She swallows the complete shaft down her throat to the balls, then licks his nut-sac and tongues his jock. Still kneeling, Patty squeezes her 32F-cup bouncy bosoms jointly to mash his boner.

Patty sits on George’s lap and bounces up and down on his pole love she’s giving the boy a lap dance. They stand up so he can copulate her doggy style. That babe places one foot on the table to give him deeper leverage. This goddess loves to get pounded by guys. Seeing her sexing makes this more than clear.

Instead of Patty getting a load of cum on her juggs or in her throat, George lets loose inside Patty’s hawt snatch while they shag standing up. The pair shudder from the force. The fearless cameraman is right below them when George pops and captures it very clearly. When George withdraws, gravity takes over and his nut spills down Patty’s leg. Patty pulls her ass-cheek to widen her snatch wider for the digi camera, giving us a very different finish to this creampie ending.

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A Foxx for anal

A Foxx for anal

A Foxx for anal

Angelique Foxx is sexy for pecker. This babe craves it in her wazoo. She’s clothed for sex in a tight, red suit that displays off her constricted, right body. She sucks knob and balls and receives her throat rogered. Then that babe acquires her wet crack and a-hole rogered. This is a woman who isn’t demure about what this babe craves and isn’t afraid to go after it.

And yet…”I’m indeed the sort of mistress you might see at the grocery store or the post office or the gas station, doing standard things,” she told. “But there’s that wild side of me u don’t watch right off the bat, the side you are seeing here, ripping off my fashionable garments and widening my bawdy cleft coz I know you wish it. But didn’t I promise u my butt?

“I like getting banged in my ass. I’ve not at any time met a lady-killer who didn’t like my a-hole and desire to fuck it.”

Angelique lives in Washington (the state). She’s 5’6″ and weighs 124 pounds. This babe enjoys “the feel of warm hands on my body.” That babe feels that a lot. They’re not always her husband’s hands. Usually, they’re not.

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Taylor’s Tasty Twins

Taylor’s Tasty Twins

Taylor's Yummy Twins

Taylor Steele became one of the most-popular models the very first time she appeared. Taylor’s body and big, natural milk cans are sensational sufficient but this babe brought more to the flaunt.

Taylor always has a very inviting look about her. Her eyes have a twinkle that comes from within. Her gaze and her smile have a warmth and sincerity that seriously affects dudes. She’s “the real angel.” Taylor never had a hard and serious look in her movies and photo sets. That’s her open secret. Some models are just that, glamour models. Some, like Taylor, have that “girlfriend material” look.

SCORE editor Dave wrote, “One of the horniest girls even though that babe said us she’d lost her virginity solely a not many months prior to her first shoots. That babe loved showing off her large milk cans and big a-hole (smth she’s rightly proud of) in taut tops and shorts, and that babe loves talking about sex. That babe sees herself as a bit of a gangsta, likewise, but in a way that is cuter than any gangsta-wannabe I’ve ever heard. And that babe can’t live without being on-camera (her private, candid vids are all over the Internet).”

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Velvet fucks her hung neighbor

Velvet copulates her hung neighbor

Velvet screws her hung neighbor

Velvet Skye, a 55-year-old Mother and divorcee from Canada, loves being viewed. Whilst she is having sex, of course.

“I was with a ladies man in downtown Toronto, parked in a very open area, and a cop viewed me giving a Lothario a blow job, but this chab did not say anything,” she told. “He kinda just gave me the thumbs up.”

Thumbs up and jocks up for Velvet, who in this scene, copulates her young neighbour. That babe sucks her juvenile neighbor, likewise. Sucks his dong and balls. And later, this babe opens wide for his cum.

Velvet can’t live with out to bonk.

“I’m gonna be Fifty six in October,” that babe said. “I think it is gripping. Since my 40’s, every year has gotten more valuable. I have had more pleasure in my mid-30s, Fourty’s and now 50s than I did in my Twenty’s. I like who I’m. I like what I do. I enjoy sex. I know what I desire, I know what I don’t desire and I do not have a problem saying to a boy, ‘Dude, I’ll pass.'”

Velvet’s scenes here–this is her third screw for us–are her first times modeling naked and banging on-camera, but this is not the first time this nice-looking, long-legged blond has modeled.

“I modeled in Europe when I was in my mid-20s,” she said. “I worked for a couple of high-end lingerie companies. Clothes lines. I did lots of hand modeling. Legs, feet. And then I moved into the fashion industry and was managing stores.”

What she is doing now is more thrilling.

“A lot more exciting!”

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Short ‘n’ Stacked Japanese Idol Has Gigantic Tits

Short ‘n’ Stacked Japanese Idol Has Humongous Juggs

Short 'n' Stacked Japanese Idol Has Mammoth Bumpers

P-Chan can’t live out of to play billiards and go to the batting range. “I played softball in centre school,” the extraordinary Miss P-Chan told. “I do nail art as a hobby and I adore going to eat with friends. I adore Korean barbecue.”

It was merely natural that P-Chan saw the opportunities in becoming a big-bust adult model. All this babe had to do was look in the mirror and see her 46-inch, 36J-cup credentials.

“I adore being a model cuz I go to captivating locations, I have plenty of freedom u cannot have in an office job, it’s more priceless financially and I’m proud to brandish my body.”

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Daria’s Adventures In Paradise Makes Her Breathless

Daria’s Adventures In Paradise Makes Her Breathless

Daria's Adventures In Paradise Makes Her Breathless

The passion and the pleasure of life busts with out Daria’s movie scene diary as she takes us on a trip of the resort and the beach. Breathless and bouncy, Daria is having the time of her life on the island, encounter many of her beloved SCORELAND models and basking in the enjoyment of their company. Back home, Daria is a “good energy” goddess who loves nature, and being in this tropical paradise was a mammoth adventure for her. That babe was awestruck by anything and had to wrap up her movie scene diary by dipping into the surf where her beach scene was discharged.

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Your Euro Granny Slut

Your Euro Granny Wench

Your Euro Granny Slut

We can always rely on the Czechia to deliver hawt, horny chicks, and Valerie is no exception. This tiny copulate doll is a divorcee, Mama and grandmother. “I don’t mind being called a grandmother,” that babe told through a translator. “Just because I am a grandmother doesn’t mean I can’t be hot. It’s all about your state of mind, and my mind is still young.

“I love to swing. I relish the parties they have in Prague. They are wonderful places to meet juvenile, good-looking males, which I like. I also love to have three-somes with some other guy and female-dominant.” Valerie doesn’t have any special fetishes. She is just sexually excited and loves to bonk.

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Czech, Please!

Czech, Please!

Czech, Please!

Valerie started doing porn so that this babe could cum all the time. So far it is collision her expectations. In this movie scene, the 43-year-old Czech M.I.L.F. and GILF (yes, this babe has grandchildren) cums on her own.

With her age and experience, Valerie knows her body. You’ve to know her body also. She’s petite and has a landing undress on her twat. That babe rubs circles around her adore button and fingers her lascivious bawdy cleft.

Valerie also took a penis in her a-hole whilst that babe was in our Prague studio.

“I love how anal feels and I love the idea of doing smth so naughty and wild. Greater than typical dicks don’t scare me for anal. I can handle it.”

Whether it’s a finger in her muff or a penis in her arse, Valerie will cum any way this babe can.

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Breasts Beyond Belief

Pantoons Beyond Belief

Breasts Beyond Belief

Voluptuous mag editor Dave said, “Eva Berg’s on the timid side and didn’t desire to take off her belts. That’s okay. We barely noticed! Our eyes are focused on that rack!”

Eva said she wears an 85JJ undergarment (sound familiar?). Almost any bra companies don’t even sell JJ bras bigger in size than 42. So Eva is in a very particular league. Her bazookas are not just giant, they’re firm and packed. There’s no slack in that damp rack. Eva said shopping for handsome clothing is an adventure.

Eva has very hawt legs, also, and likes showing ’em off. We forgive the photographer for not getting gazoo shots. We understand why this chap forgot.

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Tit Chat With Agnes

Tit Chat With Agnes

Tit Chat With Agnes

Agnes Poulin chats with the photographer after her sauna discharge. This dude has lots of questions for the gal from Poland, a discovery of the great Valory Irene. Agnes cant self-suck her areolas. That babe sleeps in a T-shirt and belts. That babe doesn’t know how much her meatballs weigh and she’s at not time attempted to weigh ’em. She thinks maybe 2 kilos. (Ask any angel if this babe knows how much her tits weigh. She probably won’t know. On second thought, don’t ask.) This babe is not at any time dated a charmer who didn’t care about large titties. (Some SCORELAND Beauties have.) And that blouse this babe is wearing in this chat? Agnes probably would not wear it when she leaves her house.

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Robin Pachino gets DP’d by her new neighbors

Robin Pachino acquires DP’d by her fresh neighbors

Robin Pachino gets DP'd by her recent neighbors

Here’s the deal. A sexy GILF moves into the neighborhood. She’s blonde and hawt. But smth about her looks familiar. Haven’t Carlos and Eric observed her before?

It turns out they have. Their new neighbor is 61-year-old sex star Robin Pachino, and this is their favourable day ‘cuz she is plan to let them example the goods. Well, more then sample them. This babe is intend to engulf their rods. This babe is gonna screw their dicks. She’s gonna have them bonk her a-hole. And then, this babe is gonna have them ram her bawdy cleft and rectal hole at the same time.

Greetings, neighbour!

50Plus MILFs: Have u viewed the scenes that u did for us?
Robin: Yes, I’ve.
50Plus MILFs: Did you view ’em alone or with someone?
Robin: I observed ’em alone, but I got very turned on watching ’em. It’s unreal. I find myself very thrilling. I’m adore, “Ooooh, she is sexy!” Then I remember it is me!

Yeah, it is her. It is Robin Pachino, who 1st fucked for us when that babe was in her 50’s and did two wild three-way scenes with Cutie Ray (who isn’t a porn star). When Robin asked us if we’d adore to have her back, we said, “You’re damn right we would!” Chicks like her are always welcome at, but there aren’t many babes love her.

Could you imagine Robin in a shag scene with Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo? We get to detect a way to make that happen.

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Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Soaked

Slippery When Wet

“I guarantee that a Lothario will always be cheerful with me,” told well-rounded, always-smiling XL stunner Nila Mason. “I don’t know how a guy can prevent himself from busting a nut in a scarcely any seconds if this Lothario was lucky sufficient to receive with Nila,” a TSG staffer said during a meeting. This lady-killer was not joking. “I need to credit the fellows in her episodes with being talented to hold it.”

Nila cums clean in this scene. This babe enjoys everything about being a model, from the journey to the interaction with the photographers. The hot, no-strings sex is some other benefit.

“I am very gratified of my body. I had been said many times that I should be a model so I decided to take the advice and now, 2 years later, it is still as thrilling as it was the 1st time.”

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Annie Swanson Makes An XXX-Rated Movie

Annie Swanson Makes An XXX-Rated Video

 Annie Swanson Makes An XXX-Rated Movie

Annie Swanson decides to have a boobies to the wall, one-on-one sex scene with porn able Tony. Her agent sends her to an XXX-rated photo-shoot.

Heavy-chested young Annie pulls out all the stops and excels in schlong licking and sucking, ball mouthing, tit-wanking and love tunnel rogering. What a sex hubby she turns out to be.

Annie indeed enjoys getting a big slab of man-meat in this scene and relishes the man cream that guy donates all over her world-class jugs. A certified V-mag Classic!

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Cum-loving Naughty Alysha gets two loads

Cum-loving Nasty Alysha acquires two loads

Cum-loving Naughty Alysha acquires two loads

Big-titted blonde Naughty Alysha Morgan, who’s married with kids, says that “the cunt is an extraordinary muscle.”

She’s been proving that for years, ever since she came to us when that babe was 31 and rogered her husband on-camera. She is done a lot more than that since then: filled her cunt and rectal hole with massive toys, fucked hung bucks, rogered not-so-hung bucks, banged entire strangers, sat on the dashboard of an SUV driving down a Florida highway and screwed her wet crack in broad daylight

Alysha did three fuck scenes for us, including this one with Sergio and Juan. They fuck her cum-hole and anal opening and cum all over her glamorous face. She is is the all-American blond who doesn’t do all-American things. She has DD-cup mangos and her sexy box is always bald bald. Has screwing a lot of dudes over the years negatively affected Alysha’s marriage? Nope! She is happily married to the petticoat chaser she screwed at TSG way back when. In fact, that Lothario films almost any of her scenes for her personal site.

“I love large, darksome ramrods, but I love bigger in size than run of the mill, white jocks, also, and all sizes of dicks,” Alysha told. “If it is rigid and can satisfy my twat, I am fine with it. And I love cum!”

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