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Boob Massage

Boob Rub-down

Boob Massage

“I’m always playing with my mambos,” Smiley Emma says in this Bonus boob massage movie scene. One of the regular questions we ask a angel is if that babe finds her hands drifting to her mounds when she’s just watching television or relaxing. Emma’s answer is obvious. After the chat, Emma has an sweet boob massage by 2 hands brought along just for the occasion.

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Boobs Brexit

Bra buddies Brexit

Boobs Brexit

In UK, there’s tea time, bra-busters time and below garment time. English rose Aurora Rose comes to fill the cups in a undergarment exposed modeling session.

“I don’t always wear a brassiere…unless I have invited a nasty lad around for a cup of tea,” teases Aurora. “A constricted, soft suit on with no bra is valuable and then I can cheekily pull out my mounds.”

Aurora discussed her masturbation and go out with habits during a break betwixt the movie and photo shoots of this scene.

“I do self-pleasure. I have a crystal wand that I use to massage my sacred space and then I focus on my sacred G-spot when I’m all juiced up. I plug in my magic wand fake penis and rub it on my love button. I adore this.”

“When I am dating a woman chaser, I love it when that woman chaser texts me in advance of we meet that this dude is excited to see me. This is foreplay for me. I like gazing into a partner’s eyes, being still and holding each other. Being touched in a nurturing and non-rushed way can make me very turned on!”

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DP MILF Milena

DP MILF Milena

DP MILF Milena

“I am not the kind of lady who can be proud by just one buck,” told Milena, a 55-year-old divorced Mamma from the Czech Republic.

Hey, who ever said that babe had to be? In this scene, Milena receives contented in her pussy and arsehole by two fortunate boyz. They even DP her, ‘cuz that is what Milena loves.

For sample, that babe masturbates using her fingers, toys and booty plugs. And, yes, that babe does DP herself when this babe masturbates. Can u imagine walking in on her when she’s on all fours with screw toys sticking with out her love tunnel and asshole? Priceless sight!

Milena, who’s golden-haired, fit and hawt, is a fine sight. No wonder that babe has sex three or four times a week, not always with the same gent…or chaps. As for women, that babe told, “It’s not as much joy. They do not have a ding-dong.” No, they don’t. Well, sometimes they do. Milena has at not time had a honey bunny with a schlong, but we’re sure she’d try it. She’s a woman who will try just about anything.

Then another time, that babe likes romantic dates and going for lengthy walks. That babe enjoys reading and watching TV. We have pleasure watching Milena getting DP’d.

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The Doctor Willl Suck & Jack Ya Now

The Doctor Willl Engulf & Jack Ya Now

The Doctor Willl Engulf & Jack Ya Now

You are in worthwhile hands, face hole and funbags with Dr. Persia Monir. As mature doxies go, Persia is one of this chab filthiest and dirtiest a SEXY HOUSEWIFE seeker could ever wanna go a not many rounds with. Persia is the kind of female you’d watch at the supermarket. She’d be clothed sexy but you’d not at any time suspect that she screws and blows total strangers in porn clips.

“I think I look better now than I did when I was Eighteen,” Persia said. “I’m not going to be aged and wrinkled. I refuse. What’s the point? And I have always worked out, likewise. Swim, try to eat right.

“I’m an official MILF, and my son knows what I do. We do not come into details about it. This chab is ok with it. I used to be a nurse and do 24-hour call, and he’d be sleeping on stretchers and eating Graham crackers.

“I acquire tons of young chaps who crave to copulate me. But it is kind of creepy for me coz they’re my son’s age. Some of ’em are aged sufficient, but some of ’em are love, ‘No way!’ I by no means actually liked juvenile bucks. Even when I was Thirty, I not at any time went for young chaps.”

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Tits & Ass Bonanza

Mellons & Booty Bonanza

Tits & Wazoo Bonanza

“I still jack off on that hot foursome scene in the clip K-JUGS! What a scene! One of the majority priceless in XL Girls!” wrote Roberto. K-JUGS is an XL Gals feature movie scene starring Reyna Mae and Brandy Ryder in a foursome screw at a radio station where everybody is in a state of heat.

“My superlatively priceless physical assets are my marangos and my eyes,” Reyna Mae told. “Curiosity and kindness are my unsurpassable personality traits. I do not check out sports. As far as fetishes, I like SADOMASOCHISM. My raunchy fantasies are about being in orgies with other girls. My 1st time with a hotty was when I was 19. I’m very bi!

“I adore to make my husband feel peculiar so I do wonderful things outside of the bedroom to show ’em that I care, adore taking ’em to a clip they wanna watch or cooking their favorite meal.”

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Screw the Russian lesson. Fuck Oksana!

Screw the Russian lesson. Fuck Oksana!

Screw the Russian lesson. Bonk Oksana!

Captivating, blonde 44-year-old Oksana Monet, a wife and Mama, is giving Peter a Russian lesson. He’s not doing very well. Basically, the buck sucks at Russian.

“You know, honestly, Oksana, I needed this indeed bad,” this chab says. “I’m plan to high school and I needed to learn Russian, but there is totally no way I’m going to learn this. There is totally no way my tongue can move love that.”

He is willing to cancel her tutoring. This babe needs the job. She is plan to help him another way. She’s gonna display him some other way to move his tongue.

“I know one more techniques,” she says.


“Do you crave me to buy a different book?” he asks.

No book. Just Oksana taking off her jacket and showing him the hot underneath garment she’s wearing. Then sat on a table and spreading her stocking-clad legs. Then taking down her top and telling him the Russian word for meatballs. Then telling him the Russian word for snatch. Unveil ‘n’ tell. Works each time.

The lesson ends when Oksana starts mouthing his dick.

What is the Russian word for irrumation?

What are the Russian words for screwing slit?

What are the Russian words for, “You’d better cum on my face in advance of your father gets home”?

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Wet & Hot

Juicy & Hawt

Wet & Hot

Monique may have the largest love bubbles of all time on

“I was always known for my colossal pointer sisters,” Monique said. “Boys would always make comments. They would really grab me and run away. For the most part, other girls were jealous of me. I remember one time a group of the meaner angels followed me home and they were trying to tanalize me by saying ‘What did u do, put Miracle Grow on them?’ But it at not time worked. I was always gratified of ’em. I truly sleep on my stomach and use them as pillows which I am sure sounds very humorous but it’s so much more comfortable for me.

“I would say I am very raunchy, always, but only with one person. But when I’m with anybody, I’m very erotic. I am glamorous much a one-guy-girl. That’s why I not ever did hardcore.”

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In Heat

In Heat

In Heat

Julia Juggs, a burlesque dancer and fetish adult model in Sin City, Las Vegas, is a fan of Rob Zombie’s El Superbeasto, Jennifer Tilly and female roller derby, and she loves to paint, dance, sing and play with her lush body.

“I like dominating alpha dudes,” Julia discloses. “I like dudes who are very confident and gentlemen-like. I likewise fall in love with males that take me to places I’ve not at any time been.”

She jumps on her screw buddy’s shlong with a take-no-prisoners personality but since this stud is a dominant alpha, she’s in for a worthwhile pounding and creaming. When you see Julia enter the scene in the clip, you’ll watch her burlesque moves and body language in act.

As for those fetishes, Julia says she’s into strap fetish, tattoo fetish, and something called knismolagnia. That last one needed a look-up. It turns out to be gratification from being tickled.

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Pick-Up On Big Tits Boulevard

Pick-Up On Large Scones Boulevard

Pick-Up On Greater than run of the mill Zeppelins Boulevard

They say to not at all take candy from a stranger. This day, hawt Candy Manson is picked up by a stranger who offers to treat her to ice semen. Except there is no ice man cream. Just a cock-cone.

“I like the guy’s jock to fill my throat, like a jawbreaker!” Candy said us. That babe is an orally-fixated bra-buster, ain’t that babe? “I love to watch how much I can receive inside my mouth. I like to stretch my throat around a guy’s cock and then look in the mirror, if there is one, and see this bigger in size than standard, plump ding-dong in my mouth.

“I adore to view myself mouthing ramrod on movie. I’ll think, ‘Oh, my, Candy, how’d you get such a big knob in your mouth?’ Sometimes I’ll watch a schlong and say, ‘That’s likewise thick! There’s no way I can receive that whole thing in my throat.’ But I try, and I always do. I’ve at not time seen a shlong that I couldn’t receive all the way into my mouth. I engulf unyielding so the fellow can truly feel my throat around his dong. I love seeing how fast I can make a fellow cum!”

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Selfie Time With Demmy

Selfie Time With Demmy

Selfie Time With Demmy

What did beauties do in advance of the cell phone digi camera was invented? They sure did not use a throwaway digital camera and take the prints to a 24-hour lab. (There was a celebrated lady photographer named Bunny Yeager who took selfies 60 years agone with a string attached to her digi camera shutter that she pulled with her toe.) Demmy Blaze unveils how she loves to take selfies. This babe now has Twitter and Instagram accounts and love most females of all long-time, is into the selfie. Demmy discharges a not many dressed and with her top down, exposing her mind-blowing naturals whilst she talks to the cameraman. Here’s a fresh form of photography. Photographing a adult model during the time that she’s photographing herself. U could check out someone pumped up adore Demmy do that all day.

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Rack Attack

Rack Attack

Rack Attack

“Girls detested me,” Maserati said. Her giant mounds look even bigger cuz she has a miniature back and a slight waist. They are symmetrical likewise, at least to the eye. That babe says the left is slightly smaller than the right. “They’re always hard, also,” Maserati points out. “I always wear a brassiere.”

Maserati got a young lady-killer in this scene. She towered over him and outweighed him likewise. She was definitely a defiance for him but this chab did a admirable enough screw job on this super-Amazon.

When Maserati first arrived on the adult scene, we scrambled to get her into SCORE and predicted that this babe would become a superstar, not solely in Big-Boob glamour modeling but would become a major pornstar. That is come true. It was an facile prediction. She is likewise a bigger in size than average draw for the public at adult expos.

Maserati is upfront about porn stardom versus intimate life. That babe is candidly discussed the challenges this babe has finding a husband who desires to need to know the real cutie and not someone who solely looks at her as Maserati, the boob-star.

“I desire a lad who’s okay with me being a gal and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets,” told Maserati.

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Plump Mom Pounded

Fat Mommy Pounded

Plump Mama Pounded

“I usually cook for a stud, rubdown him, maybe give him a oral-service or something,” Cami Cooper said about pleasant a ladies man that babe can’t live with out. So when this breasty mom is alone in the house and baking some pies, she waves JMac into her kitchen and offers him some of her pie. That is an suggest u can’t refuse. He tries some of her pie, not on a plate but right off her large, bulky bouncy bosoms. The finest kind of serving tray.

After JMac plays with her jugs and dry humps her over the kitchen counter, Cami is bonkers to acquire some rigid weenie in her face hole. She adds some whipped cream to make it sweeter and licks his rod like a lollipop. The kitchen is likewise constricted to shag so they find a comfy daybed to canoodle. Her pie is irresistible. Cami gets railed rigid, just the way that babe loves it. When it comes to sex, this babe digs the knob types.

Cami watches her XL Beauties scenes by herself or with someone. She hasn’t rogered while they were playing but maybe one day that babe will. That babe enjoys watching herself engulf knob. “I like long, thick dongs,” Cami said. That babe got her wish in this finger lickin’ worthwhile kitchen juicy fantasy.

“I like JMac,” Cami told. “He is definitely my beloved. That petticoat chaser is very down-to-earth and very worthwhile. Honestly, the entire scene was enjoyment and nice-looking but I suppose my fave part was with the whipped sex cream and strawberries.”

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Oksana Monet’s first time

Oksana Monet’s 1st time

Oksana Monet's 1st time

“I lead 2 separate lives and I love them both,” told Oksana Monet, a 43-year-old first-timer who was born in the Czech Republic and now lives in Virginia.

In one of her lives, Oksana is a wife, Mamma and real estate agent.

And in the life you are seeing here, Oksana has an open marriage, meaning she can shag whoever this babe craves whenever she craves, and has sex with young males, like 23-year-old Peter in this scene.

Oksana is golden-haired, hot and alluring looking, especially in the business suit she is wearing in those fotos. Peter needs aid learning Russian so he can pass a high school course, and Oksana is there to assist him…with his Russian and his cock. Hey, the petticoat chaser might not at all learn a second language, but this chap will must fuck Oksana, and what’s more important? Exactly.

Oksana enjoys traveling and working out. We asked her what this babe wants to do that she’s never done, and that babe told “SCUBA diving, being in a Hollywood movie scene or TV show and joining the Mile-High Club.” The first and third seem love beautiful effortless things for her to do.

This babe enjoys romantic walks in the countryside, plan to new restaurants and disco dancing in flashy clubs. She describes herself as “European in my attitude toward nudity,” which means she is all for it. In this scene, Peter cums in her throat. Just testing her blowjob skills, we presume.

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The Adventures of Super-Minka

The Adventures of Super-Minka

The Adventures of Super-Minka

In a boob science experiment, Jim compares fruit to Minka‘s mega-boobs. That is adore comparing apples to oranges. He’d must detect super-watermelons that come close to stacking up to skinny and trim Minka’s illustrious mounds.

Minka’s equally illustrious protruding nipps hypnotize him. That’s why her nickname is “Nipple #1.” This guy sucks and rubs her subrigid pointers whilst Minka teases him and rubs his package. She’d like to see his banana. It is merely fair.

They head to the ottoman so this chab can take up with the tongue her neatly trimmed pie and that babe can engulf on his banana. Minka’s tight aperture is his again for the taking, as it was in Minka’s previous scene, “Mega-Boobs Office,” when that woman chaser was her boss. Wedging his hard shaft into Minka’s squeeze-box and boning her in cowgirl, missionary and doggie makes him lose his rogering load all over chest. This is always the topmost outcome in a Minka collision.

Afterward, Minka told the photographer, “It was enjoyment, but my body is very tired. It’s always enjoyment. Having sex with a big shlong is adore playing three sets of tennis! My twat is numb!” Minka prefers archetypal dicks. “My prefered kind of schlong is five inches! Little ramrods, I’ve fun. It is more exciting. But with greater than standard knobs, I cannot move. I can copulate, but it’s rock hard. Little dicks are much more precious. I love them.” How often do you see a sex star admit that?

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Anika: A Sucker For Hard Cock

Anika: A Sucker For Stiff Meat-thermometer

Anika: A Sucker For Rock hard Cock

Anika Anderssen keeps herself in shape through fitness routines. “I do cardio work-outs six times a week and I figure out with weights 2 times a week,” Anika said. “It’s very important to me to keep my body in the sexiest shape I can. I adore to dress super-sexy in public places…that lady in a short, constricted, denim skirt and stripper shoes at Costco or Target?…that’s me! I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and ‘coz of the weather, I can dress like that year-round.”

Anika handled JMac’s cock very well. With her high sex drive, is this babe a size queen? You can by no means tell with vixens.

“Yes, size does matter but it is too overrated,” Anika says. “I love most of all a thick seven inches more than a slender ten-plus. I’ve had an 11 inch dick before. But knowing how to eat love tunnel is very important and it can compensate for the lack of size. My perfect dick is betwixt eight and nine inches and very thick. With the right Lothario, I adore to get facial cumshots. I too like to widen the cum over my face and bra buddies so I don’t swallow that often.”

Anika seems to have begun and ended her porn career with SCORE. Also bad, ‘cuz she’d be great for the Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK sites.

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BBC anal cuckold

BBC anal cuckold

BBC anal cuckold

Missy’s partner comes home, and Jax is with him. She’s looking very sexy in a constricted top, constricted jeans and heels, and Jax takes notice.

Missy’s partner decides to take a shower, which leave her all alone with Jax. She has him sit on the bed and tells him to show her his schlong.


“If you want,” this smooth operator says.

She takes it out and sucks it, and when hubby comes back from taking his shower, that charmer cant make almost certainly of what he’s seeing: His wife engulfing on his almost any astounding friend’s bigger in size than run of the mill, dark-skinned ramrod.

“What the hell are u going?” he says.

“Oh, hottie, don’t make love you didn’t wanna see me suck a bigger than average shlong,” this babe says. “Sit down. Just sit down and check out me.”

So that ladies man does, and this chab has a front-row seat as his 50-year-old wench wife sucks Jax’s BBC and takes it in her constricted cookie and wazoo. Appears love Missy has her boyfriend tutored well.

“I one time had a train pulled on me in a magnificence hole booth,” told Missy, who’s a hairstylist back home in Detroit, Michigan. That babe one time sucked off four Twenty something boys in a hotel room. This babe can’t live without being DP’d. How often does that babe have sex?

“Every single day,” she told.

And not always with her hubby.

“I adore Dual Penetration. Being filled with dongs…I adore that! I’ve done it quite a scarcely any times. The 1st time was about six years ago. It was set up. There were two other boys and my hubby, and my boyfriend type of primed me for it. He was playing with my a-hole while I was getting fucked, and I was mouthing someone off at the same time, and that fellow was playing with my booty, and then this chab started rogering it at the same time the boy was in my fur pie. It just happened, and it was very nice. I knew I loved anal-copulation, so Dual Penetration was even more priceless.”

Here, it is just one jock for Missy. Her partner could’ve joined in, but that is not what this was all about. This was about Missy’s cuckold dreams. They’re usually proud.

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Firm & Fertile

Firm & Fertile

Firm & Fertile

“When I go out for the evening, I love to look hot,” Ann Calis told. “I like to put on admirable makeup and a constricted dress. Men always say to me that I have a pleasing face and they love my bigger in size than typical scones. I love this kind of compliment if a smooth operator says it love a gentleman and is funny and alluring.”

Ann has a way of brightening up a room. Our employees took her out for meals numerous times and they said us that every time they sauntered into a restaurant, everyone in the place turned to look at her. They likewise got the almost all awesome service. Our staff in the States has noticed this effect too when they take a adult model out to dinner. All the diners and staff are focused on them.

Ann practices yoga and loves swimming. “I love to suit in hot underware, play with my whoppers and masturbate with my toys if I don’t have a boyfriend. Sometimes I will use my fingers.”

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Busty Brunette’s Double Bro Bang

Breasty Brunette’s Double Bro Bang

Busty Brunette's Double Bro Bang

Patty Michova. A raunchy athlete. A hotty you’d more breathtaking be in shape for ‘coz that babe can wipe out the strongest bucks, something we have watched a few times at SCORELAND. When Patty plays doubles, she’s not talking about tennis.

Here’s Patty’s 3rd trio with 2 studs and they have a major defiance on their hands. But first, they wanna play a bro game. Blindfolding Patty, Kris craves to surprise the slim and stacked Euro-babe. Sitting on the sofa, Patty takes Kris’ schlong in hand and noisily blows him whilst Nick hides and watches. She has no clue that Nick is in the room.

Kris signals Nick to come over. Nick cant expect for her hawt lips to run along his Johnson. Ready for act, that ladies man hands the ramrod over to Patty. Now she has more to suck and bonk. Three’s a party for Patty and this babe urges to watch what kind of real bro games they excel in, hopefully not frat guy antics. That babe pulls off her blindfold so that babe can play more worthwhile with her two himbos.

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Jmac and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on

Jmac and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on

Jmac and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on

“What, you are plan to be late again?” is just about the worst thing the partner of a hawt SEXY HOUSEWIFE can hear (the worst being, “I just called my lawyer”), but those are the words 41-year-old Kandi Jones‘ boyfriend hears when this chab calls to tell her he’s gonna be late getting home from work.

This is bad for Mr. Jones ‘cuz his wife is ready for sex and excited.

“I was really hoping that we could spend some time together,” that babe tells him, meaning, “I indeed wanna shag.”

But then Kandi looks out the window and sees JMac, shirtless, washing her car. And, as we all know, there is nothing a slutty MILF likes to watch more than a porn Lothario washing her car. Or delivering her pizza. Or fixing her plumbing. But, in this case, washing her car.

Has the appearance of Kandi’s intend to be okay with her husband being late and JMac’s going to be even better. How many side jobs do these porn males have?

She invites him in, maybe for a drink. Maybe so she can suck and bonk his schlong. Maybe so JMac can bonk her in the piledriver position and hear his testicles slapping against her ass. Maybe so that stud can cum in her slit. More worthy clean up that man-juice pie, Kandi, before Mr. Jones gets home.

Kandi lives in South Florida. This babe one time had a job as a spa manager that that babe enjoyed ‘coz “I love making people cheerful.” We can tell. She’s 5’3″ and has a weight of 135 pounds. That babe is not a traditional swinger; that babe bonks other fellows, her hubby doesn’t fuck other babes. But this babe is a nudist (she became one after visiting Hedonism III in Jamaica in 2000) and that babe loves to play with her nipps when she masturbates.

We’d play with her nipples when she masturbates.

By the way, her hubby sent her our way.

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