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Marilyn Mayson – An XL Girl Doubles Her Pleasure

An XL Cutie Doubles Her Pleasure

“I cant stop jacking to Marilyn Mayson’s 38H milkers and her booty,” writes G.V. of Canada, proving that Canadians have wondrous taste in vixens. Succulent Marilyn pulls out all the stops in her 1st scene with 2 men. Previously, this babe did an interracial 3some with Molly Howard and a gent. Now 2 schlongs are hers to engulf and screw.

We knew this beauty was a winner when we first saw her. Now that she’s become well-known ‘cuz of her XL appearances, T&A paramours stiffen at the very mention of her name. Marilyn writes in her diary that one of her deepest fantasies was to be rogered by 2 bucks at the same time. Now this moist fantasy has come true.

If u haven’t observed Marilyn’s XL clip interview, check it out. She talks about this 3some, her 1st time with two boyz. was happy to make this fantasy come true for Marilyn. (During the interview Marilyn told she hadn’t had sex in a whilst.)

Marilyn can’t live without sucking ramrod. Now she’ll receive 2 of ’em. And one will be in her snatch when the other is down her mouth. At times, she’ll have one schlong in every hand that that babe can suck. We aim to please at Reveal some love for Marilyn Mayson and comment underneath!

An XL Angel Doubles Her Pleasure

Watch More of Marilyn Mayson at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Elara Elis – Elara gets what she wants

Elara gets what that babe wishes

Elara gets what this babe wants

“I think I’m gonna bonk that dick. I am gonna engulf that penis,” 49-year-old Elara Elis says by way of introduction to She’s a woman of her word. Previous to lengthy, she’s sucking that wang and riding that strapon, and to finish things off, she sucks it a little more and enjoys a facial. Not bad for starters!

Elara is a wife from Florida. Her hobbies are SCUBA diving, reading and being a Mama. She too can’t live out of bike riding and going to the gym. We asked her what kind of dudes that babe can’t live out of and she told, “Nice ones. No drama. Glamourous. A little masterful over me. Old and wiser.”

“I’m an exhibitionist,” that babe added. “I like being undressed. I love being bound up and blindfolded and banged. My fantasy is to have 2 studs or angels doing me.”

Elara made this dream come true. We’ve almost certainly she’ll make that one come true, too.

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Michelle Bond – Kitten In Chains

Kitten In Chains

Kitten In Chains

Michelle Bond is not in prison. It just bears a resemblance to it for a scarcely any seconds. But she’s in decorative chains. They attach her wrists to her neck. Michelle ambles over to a saucer of milk on the floor and receives on her hands and knees. She leans forward and licks it, then dips her large melons into the saucer. She holds ’em up. Who wouldn’t desire to take up with the tongue off her fleshy globes? “Would you love to watch me pour the milk all over my bra buddies? Your desire is my command,” Michelle says. This babe lifts the saucer and pours the milk all over her colossal bra-busters. This babe lies back on a daybed and rubs and widens her love tunnel lips and clitoris. Michelle has brought along her not-so-little ally, a long, brown, prick-shaped vibrator. This babe spreads her legs a little more and begins working the knob into her box, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

Watch More of Michelle Bond at SCORELAND.COM!

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Lucy – They Love Lucy

They Like Lucy

Polish-born Lucy is the operator of a tanning salon in Germany. The bigger than run of the mill buff golden-haired likes reading, swimming and watching soccer. Her favourite sort of fellows are virile, teetotaling dudes with large weenies between Twenty and 40. (Their age not their dong size.) Her favourite Hollywood lady-killer is, acquire this, Al Bundy (Ed O’Neil from Married With Children), slob husband of Peg (Katy Segal). She doesn’t say why she can’t live without Al Bundy so much but it may receive to do with Al’s like of big mangos. “I am woman sufficient for two guys!” says Lucy. We make almost certainly of it. She is built adore a fucking brick shithouse. Lucy’s everyday day is working, going home and making dinner and reading a book or watching a clip in sofa. On weekends, that babe calls up a skirt chaser and invites him over to bonk. That man has to be out by Sunday or she nicely throws him out.

They Like Lucy

Watch More of Lucy at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Sydni Lane – From big tease to first anal fuck in just four months

From large tease to first anal bonk in just four months

From big tanalize to 1st anal shag in just four months

The following progression plan isn’t recommended for all 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIVES. It is, however, the one followed by 61-year-old Sydni Lane.

1. October 2012. Visits our studio for the 1st time. Is a little unsure about how sexy this babe craves to go. Wishes to acquire the lay of the land before becoming the lay of the land, so to speak. Does her first-ever movie, “The Big Warmup,” in which she shows off her complete body. Receives on her hands and knees and fingers her rectal hole during the time that frigging her muff. Tells us she’s into anal job.

TWO. November 2012. Returns to our studio. This time, she’s ready to copulate. Tells us about her first time, “It was my 1st time shooting, so I wanted to see what it was all about. But when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I said, ‘Sure!'” So fuck this babe did. And engulf!

THREE. January 2013. “This is my 1st time on-camera getting fucked in the arse! I cant expect!” Sydni tells us. And when it’s all over, when her 61-year-old a-hole has been drilled every which way, Sydni (lying on her back, legs widen), tells us “Wonderful experience!”

Four months. From spreading to getting ass-fucked. Didn’t take long, did it? And that babe was worth the wait, wasn’t that babe? Sometimes, it pays to be patient.

Watch More of Sydni Lane at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Stefani – Preggo Workout

Preggo Workout

Knocked-up Stefani is ready for her exercise routine but it is disrupted by her lewd bonk pal. Who could blame him? Pregnant women have that fertile scent that makes bucks crazy. When a knocked-up girl craves something, that babe usually acquires it, right? Pickles, ice cream, rigid schlong. Gestation is a sexy button topic. Many like it, many abhor it. Here are opposing comments we’ve received. E.S.: “I have to say, I completely adore the preggy woman’s form. The further along in their gestation the better. Plenty of the time I do not particularly like boy/girl pictorials and videos, but u don’t see me whining about it.” On the other side of the debate, J.D. writes: “Seeing a stripped female should let men think of hot sex. We do not wanna fantasize about adultery with someone’s knocked-up goddess.”

Preggo Workout

See More of Stefani at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Jemini Jordan – Big-assed Lady Truck Driver Loves Gang Bangs

Larger than standard butted Lady Van Driver Can’t live without Gang Bangs

Big-assed Woman MPV Driver Likes Gang Bangs

Jemini craves to know, “Are you woman chaser enough for me?” And not just charmer sufficient to handle her 46-inch butt, which is lots of cushion for the push-in. Gent sufficient to handle a lady who’s into gang bangs and sex in public places. Ladies man sufficient for a headmistress who drives a lorry for a living and can handle a bigger in size than average rig.

“Now that I have done my 1st porn scene, I’ve had almost all of my dreams fulfilled,” Jemini told. Most but not all. “I still desire to become a member of the Mile-High Exotic dancing club.” Can you imagine screwing that large ass in an airplane crapper?

Jemini was born in Colorado and lives in Texas. She had her first gang a team fuck at a swinging married couples party in Kansas City. She is had many more since then. Yes, this babe has had sex in the cab of her MPV. Yeah, she’s happily married. And although she has tons of sex, that babe usually waits for the man to make the first move.

“Of course, I send out signals, but it usually doesn’t take the boy lengthy to make his move,” that babe told. “I don’t suit in lascivious alluring clothing. I am a jeans and T-shirts girl. But I seem to have a sexual aura about me.”

She’s a lotta dominatrix. Can you handle her?

See More of Jemini Jordan at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Harmony Bliss – Tickling The Keys

Tickling The Keys

Tickling The Keys

Harmony Bliss blisses out and makes glamourous music with her greater than typical fullsome funbags and taut muff. But do not let the baby grand piano fool u. Harmony is an old-school metal-head rock fan and has been one for years. This babe sang in heavy metal bands in Recent York, Recent Jersey and Los Angeles and, in LA, this babe sang in an all-female band. After that, she switched careers and became an lap dancer and adult model. Some of her favourite bands are Judas Priest, Steel Maiden, Alice In Chains, Queensryche and Queens Of The Stone Age. The enormous metal scene’s loss was the greater than typical boob world’s gain.

Watch More of Harmony Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!

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Beverly Paige – “Cream My Pie”

Beverly Paige’s enchanting mouth and her taut 20-year-old pussy is a more precious thrill ride than everything you can discover at an amusement park. She’s a little timid, a little teasing, a little bold. Her maturer professor cant expect to acquire his throat on her nipps, his rod between her legs. This chab gets naked fast and sits on the couch next to a fully-dressed Beverly. Sluggishly pulling down her tank-top, this chab caresses and feasts on her ripe mangos, squeezing and caressing ’em. This babe holds his wang during the time that that smooth operator sucks her spigots. Beverly’s pleased to accommodate him as he buries his face in her unfathomable cleavage. Now she’s completely naked, willing for him to explore her lush body. She leans forward and starts to mouth-worship his meat-horn, her love muffins resting on his haunch adore a boob shelf. Bev sucks strapon adore a well-trained 40-year-old nymphomaniac Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK. In other words, she is fantastic–sexually advanced beyond her years. This babe becomes his bonk doll: soft, delightful, unrepining, pleasant. This chab has gangbanged many women–nice gals, other men’s wives, co-workers, sluts, whores–but this one is extra-special. A creamy wet crack injection will be Bev’s gooey and leaking reward for being such a sexy and sexy shag. Beverly Paige can make any ladies man blast a major load. “They would ask me to list what job I wanted, I’d say, ‘I want to be a porno star!’ That was always my career of prepossession. I always wanted greater than typical mangos. I’d ram my underneath garment and walk around. Well, I wasn’t careful what I wished for. And then one time I had bosoms I knew I could be a sex star. I started off as a Web web camera girl and then I went to a porn convention and I met the right people. And I wanted to do it truly bad, so I had fotos taken and before I knew it, I was here.”

Watch More of Beverly Paige at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Rachel Love – Leggy ‘N’ Stacked

Leggy ‘N’ Stacked

Leggy 'N' Stacked

“I like the smack of fur pie,” legalicious Rachel Love admits. This is something we think about. Do cuties love the smack of their own cookie juices? Some angels are coyness talking about this but not Rachel. “I especially love the taste of my own wet crack,” Rachel told. “Not all vaginas are the same. It depends on whether a girl takes care of herself. But after the knob has been in my love tunnel for a whilst, I love to smack my snatch off his rod, then put that weenie back inside. Rough it up again until I get so cheerful, I’m plan to end up squirting on it. U can acquire me to squirt with a pecker, but u can also me acquire off with fingers.”

Watch More of Rachel Like at SCORELAND.COM!

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Scarlett Rouge – Her Big Tits Need Handling

Her Large Boobs Need Handling

“I love large boobies,” says Scarlett Rouge, a co-star of K-JUGS, one of the foremost XLGirls vids. “In fact, I won’t be with a domina who has everything less than a DD-cup. I just love smth larger than standard to hold on to. Well, other than my own juggs. I love full, bigger than average titties. I love to squeeze ’em and I adore to engulf on nipples. I think it’s sexy to take up with the tongue a woman’s teats until that babe is writhing, sexually excited and out of control. I like it when people play with my bazookas. It feels so admirable. What can I say? My bra buddies get to be handled! It is healthy. Well, I guess it is healthy.” We assent totally. It is very healthy to play with greater than run of the mill bouncy bosoms and whoever is getting the opportunity to play with Scarlett’s large wobblers is one lucky, healthy bastard!

Her Big Love bubbles Need Handling

See More of Scarlett Rouge at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Jemini Jordan – Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini's Afternoon Delight

As the cars drive by outside, the people in these cars have no idea that inside, just on the other side of that window they just passed, a thick, excited, 44-year-old divorcee named Jemini Jordan is having naughty, forbidden, on-camera sex with a woman chaser that babe hadn’t even known until minutes earlier. That is the way things happen at the studio, where just about every afternoon brings some lucky people a little afternoon delight.

Is there much dialogue in this scene? No, not really. Jemini groans, “Oh,” when Sergio spanks her bigger than average arse. This babe smacks her lips when this babe wraps ’em around his meat-thermometer. That babe says, “Mmmmph” and “Ahhhh,” whilst this babe sucks his shlong, and he says, “Suck my jock,” which this chab doesn’t must say because Jemini’s already doing it. So, not much dialogue. Just lots of mouthing and fucking. Just the way we like it.

You’ll adore Jemini with her lengthy, blond hair and greater than average hips and bigger than typical hips. You’ll like how that babe can take a hard pounding. This babe liked it, also.

“Oh, yep!” Jemini told as Sergio tag-teamed her doggy position.

And the cars kept passing by.

See More of Jemini Jordan at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Shyla Shy – Cowgirl With Curves

Cowgirl With Curves

Our Big-Boob cowgirl Shyla Bashful lives up to her name. Not that she is coy. By no means. When it comes to sex, this babe is putty in the hands of the stunt-dicks and will beautiful much do everything with the exception of opening the rear porthole. The timid part is that that babe is one of the quietest girls to ever swing and fuck-fling at The SCORE Group. We have Blogged with her and interviewed her and Shyla indeed is coy when it comes to talking about herself. Instead, her body and greater than typical bosoms say it all at very loud volume levels. She did tell us a great story about her wearing a bikini during the time that super-pregnant at Moist N Wild.

We’re going on our fourth year with Shyla. She’s the second cutie (with Kali West) from our video Mamazon to receive knocked up after filming. Guess that idol the Mamazons guarded not only gave ’em greater than run of the mill pantoons, it made ’em extra-fertile. (We have not heard any reports of Mamazon co-stars Alexis Silver, Rachel Adore, Alia Janine or Daylene Rio getting preggo.)

“Most lads wanna fuck me, then tit-fuck me, or sometimes they’ll do it the other way around,” Shyla informed us about her sex life. “I adore it more priceless in my slit, but you got to keep the males pleased! A lot of boyz like me to wrap my bumpers around their schlong while I am giving ’em head. I do that, also. Being snatched turns me on. Rough sex. Not likewise coarse. I like to do the coarse part, adore I’ll hop on top of a lad and truly ride him hard. Fellows do not complain. They need to see my billibongs bouncing all over the place! I broke a bed one time just being coarse. Smacking around and ram. Riding the lad actually inflexible. I was actually randy, and his schlong was truly hard, and I couldn’t acquire enough of it. I do not think this chab could make no doubt of how rock hard I was riding him. We were really screwing! Also coarse for me is when u hit me once and my booty cheek turns red. I love to have my booty smacked but not also rock hard. I’ll say quit it if a stud gets also coarse! And then I’ll get coarse with him, like I’ll slap his face with my marangos or even slap his schlong with my breasts. Boyz adore that.”

Cowgirl With Curves

See More of Shyla Demure at XLGIRLS.COM!

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SCORE Card – Kalila Inspires Fan Artist

Kalila Inspires Fan Artist

Kalila Inspires Fan Artist

U featured a good glamour model, Kalila Kane. In a word, WOW! She’s astonishing. I was inspired to create a hot portrait of her. This features her squeezing her alluring melons in the moonlight. I hope you’ll have more stimulating photo sets of her, she’s making a real impression! Beginning off the year in a very sexy way!-C.W.

Thank you for sending your illustration of newcomer Kalila.

Know a beauty who’s right for SCORELAND. Have her inspect!

See More of SCORE Card at SCORELAND.COM!

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Harmony White – I Dream Of Harmony

I Dream Of Harmony

I Fantasy Of Harmony

Our Queen (Harmony White in one of her 2 rock hard SCORE videos) is hot. Beads of perspiration form on her pleasant royal pointer sisters. But air conditioning hasn’t been invented yet so that babe uses an ice cube to cool down her hawt melons (that are eye-poppingly mountainous!). Harmony’s villein fans her the old-fashioned way. Things are about to receive a lot sweatier when this babe reaches for the object that will bring her a great deal of joy.

“I crave I had a hard stud to please me,” says Harmony as that babe strokes her magic lamp with a velvety hand. Enjoyable Harmony won’t be hard considering how sexy she looks. Her genie appears from wherever genies hang out and is ready to serve her each need. What self-respecting genie wouldn’t wish to serve this hot piece of ass? “Your want is my instruct,” her magic gent replies. This gent knows what big busted Queens need.

This man works his way 1st to Harmony’s royal pussy and licks and sucks her charming, luscious snatch and clitty, then advances to her biggest mountains to suckle upon her charming nipples. Lap dancing her naked, that Lothario stands before her, prick out, as that babe sits up and takes his magic meat lamp down her mouth and sucks.

The Queen had warned us in a SCORELAND interview that this babe is a screamer and the greater the wang plugging her, the louder that babe gets. But her neighbors are not plan to lose their heads and complain. When the genie penetrates her constricted, royal grab with his lengthy beef sword and starts fucking and filling Harmony, the screaming starts. She is a man-killer, this looker. She’s a mind boggling Queen.

It’s enough to drive a boy barmy!

Watch More of Harmony White at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Elara Elis – Wife, mom and first-timer

Wife, Mama and first-timer

Wife, Mamma and first-timer

“What’s the majority fun job you’ve ever had?” we asked Elara Elis, a 49-year-old first-timer from Florida.

“Doing this,” this babe said.

And by “this,” that babe means…

“Getting in nature’s garb in front of the digi camera. Fucking hung males while people check out. I am living out a dream.”

And helping us out with ours, also. Elara is 5’4″ and weighs approximately 133 pounds. That babe has C-cup milk cans. That babe has a 29-year-old son. Majority importantly, this babe is married. Happily married.

“He was very concupiscent about me coming here,” Elara said.

Elara says majority people who know her would be surprised to watch her here, but her intimate friends wouldn’t be surprised. By intimate, this babe means…

“We all went to a married couples exotic dancing club one time. We loved it. We all were watching each other having sex. It was very orgasmic.”

Elara has tons of orgasms. She has sex three to five times a day, six days a week. She likes engulfing 10-Pounder.

“When I’m having sex, I fantasize about being observed by people,” Elara said.

That is supposed to mean us, members.

Watch More of Elara Elis at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Cheyanne – Cheyanne Cums & Gets Cum

Cheyanne Cums & Receives Cum

Cheyanne Cums & Acquires Cum

Cheyanne is a Fifty two year-old MILF and GILF, a silver cougar who’s broken without the pack and decided to take the big plunge into rogering with juvenile weenie, far away from home and family. Yep, a new disciple for you older-lady worshippers. “I adore to have my hubby view me when I’ve sex,” Cheyanne says matter-of-factly. Just expect until her hub sees this.

Cheyanne’s interview is upcoming and she’ll tell us where this wild streak comes from. That babe could just as easily swing wild in intimate behind closed doors but she wanted her pierced cookie split by porn knob on video to fulfill her nasty-ass fantasies.

“I masturbate more than most chicks and I have been a nudist all my life. I became a swinger solely final year. I am aggressive. I love to commence the ball rolling. I copulate chaps and I shag vixens. I was not getting enough sex. I know it’s late in life compared to many sweethearts to try porn, but, u know, 1st things 1st.”

Mr. Largo has his cock-work cut out for him when he hooks up with this fuckable firebomb at the 50PlusMilfs sex room. This babe puts his bloated schlong through its paces and the clutch of her constricted bawdy cleft surprised even him. You’d think she is been doing porn scenes for years. Sweethearts half her age are not this fuck-slutty and insane for a facial cum-blast. And that’s why we like SEXY HOUSEWIVES.

See More of Cheyanne at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Selena Castro – Sex In The Titties Orgy

Sex In The Boobs Orgy

Tucked away in their penthouse retreat high above the large titty city, Renee Ross’s bosom buddies use Renee’s plush body as a temple of breast worship. But first, all six cuties (Renee, Selena Castro, Haydee Rodriguez, Hillary Hooterz, Camelia Davis and Scarlett Rouge) suckle their areolas like adult babies, their immense jugs drooping and dangling and expecting for a pair of hot lips to clamp onto those pointers of fun.

The nipple stimulation leads to a tingling betwixt their legs that has to be ramped up with fingers, lips and tongues until each gal explodes with non-stop orgasms. Renee becomes the main recipient of their muff and nipp plugging and engulfing until she too succumbs to the Climax. Class action orgies among XL Angels don’t get larger, hotter and hornier than this groping a gang bang fest and may not at all again!

Sex In The Milk sacks Orgy

Watch More of Selena Castro at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Stormy Lynne – Stormy weather for your cock

Stormy weather for your 10-Pounder

Stormy weather for your cock

“My family would be aghast if they saw me here,” said MILF/GILF/tight little copulate toy Stormy Lynne. “The people back home in Cincinnati wouldn’t make almost certainly of what they were seeing! But that’s ok.” If it’s okay with Stormy Lynne, it’s definitely okay with us. “The forbidden aspect of this is what makes it so thrilling. The people back home do not know that I’ve a 27-year-old boy toy. His wife is Twenty five. We 3 bonk all the time!”

Stormy Lynne says this babe comes from a conservative background, but she likewise says she has fulfilled almost any of her carnal fantasies.

“I one time had sex on a Harley during a bike rally. Short shorts and boys do wonders, and being in a crowd of people is a rush! I adore to be observed when I am having sex. It’s a rush knowing anybody gets off just by me being me in bed.”

If her hardcore scene at is any indication, Stormy being Stormy means her mouthing wang sloppy and unfathomable and getting her shaved little box banged inflexible. Bright eyed and insane love the California beauty she has become, Stormy Lynne seems to be having a great time widening her fun holes.

See More of Stormy Lynne at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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