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Anal Tsunami

Anal Tsunami

Anal Tsunami

“I have many, many fantasies. I have merely started on my list. Coming to your studio was a large one!” said Tsunami Foxxx, a 40-year-old wife, Mommy and swinger from Phoenix, Arizona.

This day, in her second scene for us, hawt Tsunami is intend to take a porn stud’s large shlong up her tight arse. To acquire willing for the dude’s large tool, this babe inserted a anal intercourse up her backdoor and kept it there for a admirable lengthy time. That is the surprise Donnie acquires when this man lifts her petticoat.

“I like anal, maybe even more than the charmer likes it,” that babe said. But that is solely ‘cuz that babe hadn’t met our males when she said it. Donnie was very cheerful to drill her booty and blow his load all over her backdoor. Discover out the images; this chab didn’t dribble his dick juice on her chocolate hole. This chab emptied his nuts all over her.

“My much loved thing is a rock hard 10-Pounder,” Tsunami said. “I love eating cum, sensual sex and hard sport screwing. I likewise like being spit-roasted and being made to squirt.”

By the way, during the time that this scene was being photographed, Tsunami’s spouse was watching from just numerous feet away. Now that is what we call spousal support!

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Czeching Out Prague

Czeching Out Prague

Czeching Out Prague

One thing we have always wondered about is why the Czech Republic is such a great place to detect big-boobed cuties. Marketa, Veronika, Iva, Zuzanna, Cynthia Flowers, Lenka, Terry Nova, Shione Cooper, Katarina Dubrova, Krystal Swift–the list of hot hotty’s is lengthy and distinguished.

What is it about this country? The beer? The gene pool?

“I think it’s the food,” said Sophie, a master-class belly lap dancing instructor. “There’s worthy energy in it. It’s too very palatable. It is a little bit enormous but you know, that maybe helps. I like Czech dumplings, fish, chicken and creamy sauces.”

Sophia might have smth there. Those foods definitely worked their magic on Sophie. Just looking at her acquires a smooth operator hungry.

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Bad Bad Teacher

Bad Bad Teacher

Bad Bad Teacher

Nikky Wilder is a bad, bad teacher.

It should be clarified 1st. Bad is not bad. Bad is valuable. Bad is hawt. Bad is naughty. Bad as in the school board not approving of her dress or her astronomical whoppers or her hawt ass. That’s good. Bad cuties receive all the attention and that’s what Nikky is doing here.

Nikky is not truly a school teacher except in bawdy little male dreams. Nikky’s sex-o-meter is set very high and she loves to rev it.

Those pictures and Nikky’s clip are tied to give students gigantic erections and luscious dreams. If that is the price of education, so be it. Even the principal craves in on the act. Who can blame him?

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Meet Veronika Vixon

Meet Veronika Vixon

Meet Veronika Vixon

“There are so many people that know less than 20% of my personality,” said Veronika Vixon, a 55-year-old first-timer who lives in Utah. “There is no one person on the planet that truly knows me. Prior to moving to Belgium in 2004, I was very social and had also many social engagements. I have always wanted quality of friends versus quantity. Even this day, my neighbors express concern as to my whereabouts. I usually stick to the same story that I work for the KGB and am a Russian spy working on the secret space program in the star system Zeta Reticuli, working on behalf of the Ebens to save the planet Earth.”

None of these things are true, certainly. The reality is that Veronika is hot and sexy and is here to save us from blue balls. At least for a not many days. Or a week ‘cuz this week at belongs to Veronika: solo photos this day, solo episode Tuesday, bonk pics on Wednesday, fuck movie on Thursday. By the time the week is over, you’ll know her very well.

Veronika is a very outgoing woman. She isn’t demure about revealing herself, physically or mentally. We asked her how that babe usually dresses, and here’s what this babe said:

“Let me be perfectly honest with you: If you are in Utah, you must suit like a rock. If you are in Las Vegas, you’ve to costume like a rock star! If you are in Newport Beach, California, you have to dress adore a pornstar. If u are in Brussels, Belgium, you dress adore u are in the legal field. If you’re in my home country of Hungary, you preeminent suit like you are a pleasing, blameless, little Hungarian goddess with a lace flowered costume willing to make some pastry.

“It all kind of goes along the same lines as when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If I’m attending the opera, I costume accordingly in a breath taking ballroom gown. If I’m dancing the tango, I wear my tango costume. If I’m working on a home construction project, I suit adore I’m going hiking. I am closer to Fifty Shades of Grey…I assimilate well.”

Here, Veronica is dressed love a porn star. Hey, when in Rome….

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Push For The Tush & Cream For The Cooze

Poke For The Tush & Sex cream For The Cooze

Push For The Tush & Cream For The Cooze

Twilight Starr desires to flaunt Johnny her recent neon-green outfit that looks adore a cross betwixt a costume and a bikini. Would this babe wear this to the supermarket? Twilight urges to go-go dance for him and shake her hooters and bum-bum in his face. He’s very interested in this idea and enjoys seeing her spank her a-hole.

Twilight climbs on the couch behind Johnny and lays her biggest 46-inch marangos on his head. He takes deep breaths before that babe covers his face with her twin flesh-pillows. When Twilight does this to a ladies man, it means she is blessing him and this chab is in for a entire lot of big-titty fun.

Twilight feeds his need for teat sucking, making sure that dude gets his fill of squishy, warm breastmeat. This babe comes around to sit on his lap and grind-dance her way to his heart. That dude turns her around to lower her string panties and examine her ass-tastic wazoo. Using two fingers, this chab finger-bangs her warm lady-box as this babe stands bent forward from the waist. That babe likes his high-speed fingering. When this gent pulls his fingers out to spank her asscheek, his fingers are succulent from her pussy juices.

Twilight is a lusty and erotic angel and she really appreciates getting a lip-lock on a monumental ramrod. This babe is always ready to kneel in advance of the greater than standard boy and swallow it. When this chap slides it into her tight pussy-hole after this babe gives him a great oral stimulation, Twilight receives dick-drunk in no time.

Coming around from behind with Twilight on her side, Johnny sluggishly slides his sausage into her taut arsehole. This wazoo was made for banging and Twilight by no means holds back on sharing her a-hole. That fellow moves not fast at first, then builds up vigour. This drives her banging desirous. Johnny drills her booty in numerous ways, all while urging Twilight on. It is the deep-doggie injection that pushes her over the edge.

This wild anal fuck is capped off with one of the creamiest cream-pie cum-hole climaxes. It’s a real pleased ending for a excited XL Goddess.

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Boob Science: Big Tit Boss Lady

Boob Science: Greater than average Tit Boss Female

Boob Science: Greater than standard Tit Boss Lady

Boob scientist Dexter works as a delivery buck for a bitchy, busty boss (Aileen Ghettman). This chab would have no chance of getting in Miss Ghettman’s briefs on his own but with the super-power of Mandy (Daphne Rosen), things have a way of working out in the pursuit of love tunnel.

Daphne clears the conference room so Miss Ghettman can offer her big-boobed body to her fresh crush, Dexter. The size of her milk sacks is absolutely outstanding. This petticoat chaser is in hooter heaven.

The new friends adjourn to the conference room daybed so Dexter can relish stretching out Aileen and bang the bitchiness without her.

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Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin’ Top Droppin’

Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin’ Top Droppin’

Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin' Top Droppin'

Cheryl Blossom sets off a popcorn explosion in the kitchen. This babe just needed to touch the bowl and the air was filled with flying popcorn. She’s the kind of goddess who inspires bucks to consider a career in bra-fitting. She’s an anatomy award winner in each way, and gorgeous too.

Cheryl gives the impression of a calm, relaxed, well-read hotty who follows her own star and takes everything in stride, including what other people say, especially girls.

“I remember one situation when I was in some other town in my country, and I was walking down the street, and a girl was walking toward me, and that babe told me that such large silicone bouncy bosoms are horrible. And I said, ‘Okay.’ She just strolled away and I thought, ‘I will at not time see u afresh, I hope.'”

As Cheryl told earlier, “I wanna live with out paying attention to what people around me think about me. All of us urge it probably.”

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String Bikini For A Thick, Slick Chick

String Bathing suit For A Thick, Slick Chick

String Swim suit For A Thick, Slick Chick

Green-eyed Kentuckian Veronica Bend has a string bathing costume that doesn’t get any stringier. It resembles it is made out of red dental floss. We must say that Veronica looks smashable in it.

Veronica told this babe would probably wear it at a pool. It is the kind of bikini that doesn’t acquire a glance in the south of France but in USA, people go nuts seeing it.

At poolside, Veronica oils up her fleshy body until she’s absolutely coated and trickling (bouncing in slow motion likewise). After showering and drying off, Veronica meets us in the living room to finger her cookie.

“I usually receive plenty of attention but I am used to it and I have learned to roll with it,” told Veronica who has a DD/LG fetish. We had to look that one up. DD/LG stands for Dad Master, Little Goddess.

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Anal in the morning with Lucky Starr

Anal in the morning with Favourable Starr

Anal in the morning with Fortunate Starr

When Favourable Starr, 46, receives without her car, we see she’s wearing fuck-me pumps and a short, constricted petticoat that hugs her body. Very admirable. But, at least for now, this babe is not here to fuck. That babe and her ally, Kate, have planned a spa day.

But when Favourable knocks on the door, nobody answers. This babe knocks again. No answer, so she calls Kate on her cell phone. Kate says that babe will not be home for an sixty minutes and tells Fortunate to let herself in through Connor’s room. Connor is Kate’s son.

So Favourable walks around back and quietly lets herself in. Connor is lying on his back, sleeping, shirtless, and Lucky is intrigued. She walks over to his ottoman and lightly touches his body. That babe pulls down the sheets then pulls down his shorts. No surprise: Connor has morning wood. Surprise: Fortunate starts to jack off it, at which point Connor wakes up.

“Don’t be alarmed,” Fortunate says.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

Stroking his dong, obviously.

“Your Mom and I were supposed to have a spa day, but she’s intend to be a little late, so I hope u don’t mind,” this babe tells him. “I’m sorry, but I just cant pass this up. I will not tell if u won’t tell.”

“Okay,” this chab stammers.

Appears love Lucky is plan to kill most of the next sixty minutes by mouthing her superlatively good friend’s son’s rod. They also 69.

“Don’t tell your Mama,” this babe tells him.

Exactly. “Don’t tell your Mom that you ate my pussy. Don’t tell your Mama that you fucked my slit. And definitely do not tell your Mother that u drilled my constricted, mature wazoo and came all over my face.”

Some people kill time. Favourable makes the majority of each minute.

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Cashmere, the 60something squirter

Cashmere, the 60 something squirter

Cashmere, the Sixty something squirter

When Cashmere did her first-ever copulate scenes for about a year and a half ago, she said, “It was suggested to me by a friend, and after some research and soul-searching, I decided to go for it and open myself up to a new experience.”

Cashmere, who’s now 60, truly opened herself up, especially to the pool boy, who banged her old ass. Now this sexy divorcee and Mommy is back, and she’s had a very valuable 18 months.

“I’m more likely to tell certain people about it, and they’re horny about it, which makes me concupiscent about it, and when I look at the films, it is a turn-on,” said Cashmere, who’s a swinger. She viewed one of her scenes with a ladies man and said, “It was extremely sexual for one as well as the other of us.” They banged afterwards, certainly.

This babe too said us, “More bucks have opened up to me about prostate rub-down, and I have become worthy at it. I just know if I can receive over here there with some lube and find the ideal spot…it’s nearly like a G-spot for a stud, and bucks indeed love that. I like to bring enjoyment. And I’m definitely into lads who can find my G-spot, and squirting has become habitual.”

How habitual? Investigate when u view this scene.

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Lana Blanc: Beautiful & Busty.

Lana Blanc: Attractive & Big boobed.

Lana Blanc: Glamourous & Big boobed.

“I receive lots of attention when I am wearing very low-cut things, but honestly, I don’t dress in a very revealing way in my day-to-day life,” said alluring brunette hair Lana Blanc.

Lana’s voice is as sultry as her personality and her big busted body, as the clip proves. “While I enjoy in nature’s garb modeling, getting so much attention in my private, commonplace life isn’t for me.

Lana has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. She’s an art lover, can’t live with out to journey, especially by air coz that babe likes flying and airplanes, and craves to see as much of the world as possible.

“I’m a foodie so I have joy good dining. I enjoy going to museums and reading voyage magazines to come to a completion where I desire to go next.”

Fortunately for all of us, one of Lana’s destinations included SCORELAND.

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Annabelle’s Babydoll Nightie

Annabelle’s Babydoll Nightie

Annabelle's Babydoll Nightie

Annabelle Rogers would look sexy wrapped in a bedspread. Wearing a babydoll nightie and high heels, she’s a pin-up, calendar and poster hotty all-in-one, inspiring many loads lost.

“I adore to show off my body,” told Annabelle. “It feels natural to be in nature’s garb. I don’t feel love I have to hide it in the corner. I was always pretty assured growing up.”

And grow up that babe did.

“I was a D-cup probably when I was 14 years aged. I was in a training brassiere for solely a week in advance of my Mother told, “I don’t think you need a training undergarment anymore.” And then it was double-D, and then F, and I stuck with G for a while, and then in 2018, I went to an H.

“They might keep growing, and if I acquire preggy, they’ll be humongous, so who knows what the boob future holds for me. Right now, I am glamorous cheerful with my mammaries.

“They’re greater than standard and manageable. I suppose the merely down side is finding bras that fit, but I have been trying to find tops where I don’t acquire to wear bras, adore constricted reservoir tops instead of bras.”

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Sex-Bomb From Spain

Sex-Bomb From Spain

Sex-Bomb From Spain

Sandra Milka is the bomb. The sex bomb. Sandra can shake those bumpers, grind that a-hole and shag the cum out of u, smiling all the while. Richy receives to example Sandra’s talents, but 1st that Lothario looks her over and marvels at her hot body. He’s mad to commence feeling her squashy skin. This charmer squeezes and shakes Sandra’s bigger in size than run of the mill tits, takes a quick detour to take off her spike heels and examine her feet. She spreads her legs so this chab can take up with the tongue and finger her wet crack.

It is time for Richy to de-pants so we can discover out Sandra’s well-honed blow job skills and tit-fucking abilities. What we have heard is true. Sandra’s got a very skilled tongue and loves to give the dick saliva-dripping lip service. Subrigid as a railroad spike from her greater than standard, cushioned mambos and damp mouth, Richy turns Sandra around and gets her on all fours so her arse is facing him (her favorite fucking position) and this Lothario plunges his wood into her love tunnel.

A Spanish export, Sandra Milka was spotted by one of our photographers who knows a concupiscent honey bunny when he sees her. “I like to give head,” told Sandra. “And being fucked in my muff makes me cum the hardest.”

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Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee @
Sharon Lee lives in Paris with her rich hubby, but she’s originally from Vietnam. Husband and Sharon are visiting the States, ‘coz Partner has plenty of business here. This leaves Sharon all by herself, so Partner hired a personal guide for Sharon. His job? Display her around. Expose her a valuable time. Take Sharon to the beaches and amusement parks and shopping and everything else Sharon craves. Certainly Spouse by no means thought Sharon might desire the guide himself, but there that babe is…going over the day’s plans as this babe rubs his ramrod through his pants. Sharon’s not at all been with a dark stud in advance of, and this babe cant keep her mind off having sex with him! In a short time Sharon has The Stud’s over-sized meat-thermometer in her mouth. It barely fits! Sharon’s actually worried if it’ll fit in her constricted, constricted pussy…and if it does, will The Man stretch her muff out so much that Boyfriend might detect her infidelity later? Sharon can’t aid herself, and after The Guy brings Sharon to agonorgasmos by eating her fur pie, he fucks it rock hard until it’s time to paint Sharon’s flawless whoppers with his large, bigger in size than typical load! The Stud’s cum sprays her ample meatballs down! Now it’s time to go sightseeing!!
Sharon Lee Sharon Lee
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Cashmere’s first scene as a 60Plus MILF!

Cashmere’s first scene as a 60Plus MILF!

Cashmere's first scene as a 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE!

The last time we saw Cashmere, this babe was screwing juvenile males at Well, Cashmere turned 60 this past January 9, and that means she’s now a 60Plus Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK, and this babe is still screwing young chaps for all the world to watch. This is her initial debut, and it’s a admirable one.

This hawt divorcee and Mother, who was born in Ohio and now lives in Arizona, said us that babe is still swinging and savouring the life of a hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE. The final time that babe was here was the first time she’d ever drilled on-camera, and this babe loved it. She viewed her scenes and thought they were hawt. They definitely were, especially when she got ass-fucked by a young pool lady-killer. Here the smooth operator copulates her face and snatch. The next time u see her: anal.

“I’ve always been very carnal,” Cashmere told. “I’ve been that way ever since I can remember. I do not remember ever not masturbating. Sextoys, toys. It depends on what I am in the mood for. I like penetration and fondelling my clit. For me, clitoral masturbation is quicker to have to the end result, but sometimes I need the one and the other. I love it, and I’ve learned to make myself squirt.”

Cashmere was married for Twenty 3 years previous to getting divorced.

“The first time some other lady-killer kissed me, I was shocked ‘cuz this charmer brought out this excitement in me that I didn’t know was there anymore, and when you’re maturer, you’ve a little fear. I just felt this passion inside of me and I wanted to take it further, so I started having sex with different people, and I actually enjoyed it. I have learned a lot. I’ve done more things now sexually than I had in the previous Twenty five years. It’s a liberating experience. It is an empowering experience.”

Watch More of Cashmere at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Lucky day! Ass-fucked by her best friend’s son

Lucky day! Ass-fucked by her supreme friend’s son

Lucky day! Ass-fucked by her topmost friend's son

“I went into porn coz I savour it,” told Favourable Starr, a 46-year-old cougar from Recent York Town who lives in Los Angeles, California. “I adore anybody to feel valuable just from watching me.”

Here, we’re watching Favourable on what’s supposed to be spa day. That babe and her ally Kate were supposed to head on out, but Kate’s late, so she told Lucky to let herself into her house. Well, whaddya know? Kate’s son, Connor, who’s merely Twenty four years aged, is asleep, and Favourable is curious about what’s going on underneath the covers. Morning wood, perhaps? Damn right, and when Connor wakes up, he doesn’t avoid his mom’s hawt ally from having her way with him. This guy even fucks her tight little anus!

We asked Lucky what’s the foremost thing about being a fashionable female, and that babe said, “You can get away with anything!” Such as seducing your topmost friend’s son.

Lucky has some specific talents in addition to her excellent erotic skills. “I love to sing Karaoke,” she said. “I was Miss Porno star Karaoke for the longest time.”

Miss Sex star Karaoke? We didn’t know such a thing existed.

This babe loves musicals. She’s an extrovert, “but when u 1st meet me, you don’t think I am. I’m coyness until u have to know me.”

Connor gets to know her very well in this scene. Lucky’s coy? Not here, she isn’t. That babe goes right after what she wishes.

Watch More of Lucky Starr at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Tits & Tongue with Alexa

Tits & Tongue with Alexa

Tits & Tongue with Alexa

If you love losing your load over shapely cuties with big boob jobs, u will like Alexa. G-cupper Alexa lives in Berlin, Germany and travels around the country as an sexual entertainer.

We asked Jose, one of our photographers, about Alexa when this chab returned from Europe after filming her.

“She’s very experienced but she was incredibly relaxed. She’s into fetish glamour modeling, which is very big in Germany. That babe was a great model, very sexy and willing. Very banging slutty. That babe has this sauciness about her. She’s very extroverted and happy-go-lucky. Even in an archetypal situation, not a glamour modeling session, this babe has this natural flirtatiousness about her, always flirting.

“Alexa was pleased to do a funbags and tugs with Neeo, a local big-cock stud I’ve photographed in advance of. Neeo can’t live without larger than standard titted sweethearts and can’t live with out to take control of them when this guy has sex. There’s tons of nipple-sucking and licking with tongue, titty-squeezing and a lot of tit-fucking in different positions.

“I shot this in a mix of P.O.V. and third-person to receive more variety and different angles of Alexa’s mangos. They went beyond the usual love bubbles and tugs right away. Alexa is a gracious head-giver. She took his cock all the way down and Neeo, very amorous by Alexa’s breast-size and her overall looks and enthusiasm, took over and rogered her mouth and breast valley adore it was a muff.”

Watch More of Alexa at SCORELAND.COM!

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Happy Endings

Cheerful Endings

Happy Endings

“I’ve been feeling some tightness in my shoulders and back,” Suzumi Wilder says. “I was thinking I could use a full-body massage.”

Ah, how we crave it were our hands running up and down this full-figured fox. Suzumi signed up for a full-body massage, but what she acquires is the hardest pussy-plugging that babe has ever gotten.

Tony sneaks a peek as that babe takes her hawt outfit off in preparation for her rubdown, and understandably, this buck likes what that dude sees. Tony does try to keep it expert when that lady-killer starts, but this chap just can not aid himself as he rubs hot rubdown baby oil into Suzumi’s velvety mammaries and chubby wazoo. Suzumi is savouring it, too, letting out downy moans intermittently.

“Do you have any stressed areas in your internal hips?” Tony asks.

“Oh, yeah,” Suzumi responds. “Definitely.”

Tony starts massaging her internal haunches before sliding a finger into her cum-hole. This buck is hit the velvety spot that will release all of Suzumi’s pent up stress. Being the taskmaster masseur that he’s, Tony focuses on the stress inside her cookie, but he’ll need something greater than just his fingers to release it. That fellow needs his throbbing, hard cock–which Suzumi is begging for at this point. And just to be sure Suzumi leaves a pleasured customer, Tony even throws in an anal copulate on the abode.

See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Sadie Holmes

Sadie Holmes Sadie Holmes
Sadie Holmes @
Just take a look at Sadie Holmes. What a cheater! Literally five minutes ago that babe was in the produce aisle of her grocery store, where this babe spent over half an hour flirting with the fetching hunk of a ladies man who’s now in her marital sofa!! It started with, "look how large this cucumber is!" to "yes, that is the couch I sleep with my husband in!" Now, for the very 1st time in her sexually excited M.I.L.F. life, this babe is screwing a black stud! That petticoat chaser is got a giant weenie on him, too! Sadie begins with a heavy make-out session in advance of the chap starts working her sopping luscious cunt with his tongue. Then, Sadie attempted to ram that over-sized cock in her mouth, but it would barely fit! It sure did stretch out her love tunnel though! That’s the point where Sadie decided to watch if it would fit in her constricted, taut backdoor. Husband doesn’t even must tap her anus! And did you noticed Sadie’s bright, glossy wedding ring? Her buck goes from her booty to her wet crack to dump a humongous load in Sadie’s fertile womb, even though that babe is ovulating! How does this entire tryst end? You are gonna be as shocked as Sadie!
Sadie Holmes Sadie Holmes
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