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Hot Tub, Huge Ta-Tas: The Pictorial

Hot Tub, Colossal Ta-Tas: The Pictorial

Milk shakes meant for squeezing all night. A pair of fans believe that Alice Webb looks like Madonna of the late 80’s. There is a resemblance in some ways. The funniest pick-up line Alice has ever heard was, “Excuse me. I am about to go home and masturbate, and I need a name for that face.” Not bad, but it might scare off a potential booty call. Not that this babe is worried about taking care of herself. She’s 5’10” and that babe studied karate for eight years. And she has 40HH smother-suckers. The worst thing a skirt chaser can say to a dominant-bitch according to Alice is “You’re just like your Mommy.” Even worse, “You make love just like your sister.” Her much loved part of a man’s anatomy to look when this babe sizes him up is his fingers. No, not because of that. ‘coz Alice says, “I like to see if he can play an instrument.” U see, Alice can’t live out of guys who play musical instruments. So if you play guitar or the piano, you are plan to have an advantage over the competition for her affections.

Hot Tub, Monumental Ta-Tas: The Pictorial


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