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In The Ladies Shower Room

In The Ladies Shower Room

What is the one thing almost all tit-men not at any time get tired of seeing a big busted hotty do? Well, there are plenty of activities. Ranking high on the list is seeing a big-titted gal soap up those ta-tas in a shower. That’s why even in teen sex comedies like Porky’s and School Spirit, the producers had to include shower scenes. Russians are big on lengthy showers and Kathy is an example of that practice. She’s the reason they invented the hand-held shower head. “It took me a whilst to acquire used to English customs, having been born and educated in Russia,” Kathy told. (Kathy is her nick. Her name is Katarina.) “My father was a general in the Russian Army and my Mama was a history teacher. When I finished school, I went to University where I gained a degree in Art and Russian History. I started modeling when I was Eighteen for health and stunner magazines and calendars. I graduated from the Moscow University Touro which is an American high-school located in Russia and then I worked as an assistant for a Canadian-Russian company previous to coming to Britain. The only real difficulty was to learn to drive in England. Make almost certainly of me, it is not facile driving on English roads after learning on our straight roads in Russia. I cannot actually need to grasps with roundabouts nor do I watch why they have ’em in any case. Traffic lights are easier!” Pass the soap, would you, Kathy? Kathy keeps busy and has appeared on the cover of over 200 magazines in England.

In The Ladies Shower Room


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