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Kelly Alston

Kelly Alston

How wild is Kelly? We’ll let her tell the story that paints the paramount picture. “A diminutive in number years ago, I went to spend the weekend with my then-boyfriend,” this babe said. “He was busy working all weekend, so this chab invited 3 of his friends over to entertain me. They screwed me all at the same time! I must admit, it was the finest sex I would ever had. I had one in my hand, one my throat, one in my bawdy cleft, then they’d switch around, and they all ended up cumming on my gazoo. That’s where males usually like to cum when they’re with me, but I am okay with them cumming on my tits, on my face or in my mouth. I’m nice-looking open when it comes to sex, but I am definitely not simple. I never have sex on the first date. Not at any time on the second, either. The 1st date, I like to must know a person. The second date, we can do smth like play golf or ride bikes. But if we have to a third date, then anything goes!”

Kelly Alston


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